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Similar to our BBL Bed, the BBL chair is designed to aid your recovery and allow you to rest in positions other than kneeling and standing. The BBL chair allows you to go back to every-day task and life before you have fully healed, whether thats working on your laptop or relaxing in front of the TV. Perfect for anyone undergoing combo surgery such as Breast Augumentation or Tummy Tuck with BBL. Recommeded especially for girls doing Tummy Tuck as it is advised you dont lay flat after your surgery.

BBL Chair

SKU: 0002
£110.00 Regular Price
£100.00Sale Price
  • We recognise the issues some BBL Chairs have issues with durability. Our chairs are made out of a high-quality, reliable plastic. The chairs are designed to last you your fully recovery with daily use. 

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